Issue In Progress


1. Sediment dwelling arthropods of a weak-tidal tropical Lagoon.**** Roland E. Uwadiae        *** PDF Version ***        


2. Combination studies of black pepper and marketed brands of ciprofloxacin on human pathogenic organisms.**** Ajose, D.J., Adeniyi, B.A. and Adetoyinbo , I.I        *** Pdf Version ***        

3. Biochemical characteristics of sediment and benthic macrofauna community of organic waste dumpsites. ****Roland E. Uwadiae, and Anthonia E. Gbuvoro       *** pdf Version ***        


4. Statistical assessment of the impact of corruption on Nigeria’s socio-economic development.****       *** pdf Version ***        


5. Statistical analysis of the socio-economic impact of ebola outbreak in selected West African countries.pdf.  Oyewole O., Obadina G.O.,Oyewole A.A. and Adekola L.O****       *** pdf Version ***        


6. Evaluating the Compliance of Nigerian real estate professionals to International Financial Reporting Standards.pdf   Chibuike R. Emele and Abiodun B. Jogunola****       *** pdf Version ***        


7. Critical control points in the fermentation of oso (fermented seeds of Cathormion altissimum).pdf   .Jolaoso A.A. and Popoola T.O.S ****       *** pdf Version ***        


8. Bacteriological status and proximate composition of croaker from retail outlets in Makoko environs in Lagos State Nigeria.pdf .   Amusan E.E., Oluwagunke T. O. and Akhiromen D. I ****       *** pdf Version ***        


9. Biochemical Responses and Heavy Metal Accumulation in Macrobrachium vollenhovenii in Epe axis of Lekki Lagoon.pdf..........Akhiromen DI and Ogbonne FC ****       *** pdf Version ***        


10. Impact of litigation on construction claims management in Lagos State Nigeria.pdf......Adesoye Morakinyo ****       *** pdf Version ***        


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