ICT Resource Center

The University ICT Resource Centre was established in 2008/2009 Academic Session in line with the guidelines stated in the University Academic Brief. The aim is to have an independent ICT Centre that provides ICT services to people in the external communities such as educational institutions, government and private agencies with the ultimate objective of revenue generation for the University. The Centre, currently operates at the BUPF building. The Centre is headed by a Director with the following responsibilities:

- Organizing training programmes on computer appreciation and usage for students and different categories of staff.
- Initiates the development of appropriate software towards improved computerization of key University activities.
- Provides technical support for University Management Information System unit.
- Designs, implements and maintains computer networks work-stations, telecommunications and computer communication services in the global information exchange and research.
- Provides and maintains the University internet access as the global information highway; meanwhile students and staff are expected to utilize the facility for the information exchange and research.
- Develops and maintains the University website and thus takes care of the need for information dissemination.
- Provides consistency services to other educational institutions, government and private agencies as well as commercial and individual organizations.
- Provides procurement and maintenance services for ICT resources in various units in the University.

Currently, facilities in the Computer Centre include the following:
a. Hi-speed Internet Access
b. Digital Library
c. Computer training gadgets
d. Cyber center
e. Multimedia classrooms
f. Campus Wi-Fi hotspots
g. Over 500 Online computers