Academic Linkages

The Management has made consistent efforts in the establishment of mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with industries and companies in relevant sectors. The University also maintains a policy of amicable interaction with sister Institutions within its catchment area, and in collaborative linkages with various Universities at home and abroad in its areas of interest.

The University recognizes the importance of international recognition and linkages as strategy for global rating. Management have forwarded requirement to the Secretariat of the Association of African Universities for registration and membership of the Association. However, its application had been granted for full membership. The following are the benefits from its membership of the Association:

  • Participation in workshops and conferences; sharing information and sharing experiences with other African universities in the international higher education community;
  • Access to information and documentation on African universities;
  • Participation in AAU staff exchanges and scholarship programmes;
    • Listing in the AAU directory of higher educational institutions;
    • Serve as short-term consultant and resource person;
    • Receive AAU publications;
    • Establishment of international linkages through AAU’s affiliation with such international organizations as:
    • International Association of Universities;
    • Association of Commonwealth Universities;
    • The African Union (AU) on Observer Status;
    • The United Nations University (UNU) on Observer Status.

Some of the linkages established in the period under review are as follows: Linkages with Sister Universities & Institutes

SN Institutes/ Universities Area of Interest Actions/ Benefits

Federal institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO)

Research Collaboration and Staff Exchange

Yielded fruits in the area of staff exchange as three academic staff of the institute have been appointed as Associate Lecturers.

University College Hospital (UCH),

Staff Exchange, Facilities for training Students on Bio Medical Engineering

Awojobi Clinic Eruwa

Training Facilities for Students

Provided Good Exposure for staff and students in Biomedical Engineering

National Road and Building Research Institute

Training Facilities for Students in Environmental Sciences

Facilities were presented to be used for practical laboratory work for students while facilities are been developed

International Centre for Informational Technology and Development (ICITD), Southern University,

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso.

Staff Exchange and Research Collaboration

Staff are employed as Associate Lecturers

University of Lagos

Staff Exchange and Research Collaboration

Staff are employed as Associate Lecturers


Staff Exchange and Research Collaboration

Staff are employed as Associate Lecturers

Association of African Universities (AAU) & Association of Commonwealth Universities


Sharing information and experiences with other Universities in African in the international higher education community;

Proposed Linkage Abertay University, Dundee, Scotland

Research Collaboration

MOU signed

Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET),

Establishment of a Meteorological Centre,

Construction of an office space to accommodate the meteorological equipment, in use at the centre

Other Linkages:

Establishment of Meteorological Centre at Bells University of Technology

The University achieved tremendous progress on the establishment of a Meteorological Centre. Commencement of work on this project was primarily the construction of an office space to accommodate the meteorological equipment, located close to the observatory station. The building has an office space, storage and convenience as specified by Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET), which is a co-sponsor of this project. This project building and observatory site was completed on August 27, 2006. The expenditure on this project is valued at N1, 249, 000.00. The installation of meteorological equipment was done by the Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET) after training of staff personnel to man the station. The project was commissioned in 2009.