Academics - Welcome.

The major drift of Bells University of Technology is the academic enterprise. The best students and faculty are drawn to the University by the allure of being part of a compelling intellectual and creative enterprise — a community of scholars characterized by collaboration, innovation, and qualitative training in our various fields of expertise. Bellstech students get the experience of attending one of the foremost Universities in the enterprise of higher education delivery within the shores of Africa. Learning opportunities present themselves both in and out of the classroom, befitting an institution that is and always has been “for the inquisitive minds seeking to explore and improve the world ”. And now our students and faculty are global citizens, exposed to culture, students, faculties and research opportunities throughout the world.

Our academic expertise at Bellstech span through three colleges with more than 15 academic departments, offering diverse competitive degree programmes within the 21st century global context. Strengthened through her science and technology core, a guiding principle of the University’s academic enterprise is interconnectedness. Bellstech encourages collaboration between departments and colleges, operating under the thinking that barriers between disciplines must not be barriers to learning. This collaboration continues to develop and uphold rigorous norms and standards while taking new pathways to connect traditional fields in non-traditional ways.

Bellstech's stimulating academic climate is fostered by its diversity. The student body comes from diverse African cultures and societies, every economic echelon and pursues distinct intellectual experiences. Programs of study are diverse, but share a common expectation for high achievement and the goal of engaging world challenges through a diversity of disciplines.

Faculty members are global scholars and researchers, fellows and members of various professional bodies which support the diversity the University stands for. In its academic enterprise, the entire University community pursues the academics of the future, securing Bellstech's place at the global front.