Appointment of Vice-Chancellor

The post of the Vice-Chancellor, Bells University of Technology, Ota, Nigeria will become vacant by 31st July, 2016. The University's Governing Council hereby invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the position. Interested applicants are requested to note the following information about the University and the post.


The University

Bells University of Technology, Ota is the first private university of technology in Nigeria. Licenced by the National Universities Commission in July, 2005,the University, otherwise known as BellsTech, started its academic programmes same year and recently celebrated its tenth year anniversary and seventh convocation ceremonies on the 7th November, 2015. This has been possible through the operation of stable academic calendars since inception.


The Vision of the University is to be a world-renowned University that is committed to the development and transformation of society through environment-friendly technological and other innovations; while its mission is to discover, disseminate and apply the knowledge of science and engineering for human well-being and the development of society.


The University's philosophy is to promote the advancement of knowledge and produce graduates with well-balanced education, who are eminent positive contributors to society, and are also capable of self-actualisation and employment generation.


In its few years of existence, BellsTech has carved a niche for itself as an example of what a small but vibrant and focussed private university should be. It is fast positioning itself as a reference point both in academic excellence and human capital development, as attested to by the highly commended performances of our graduates in Nigeria and beyond.


BellsTech has, over the years, put sound physical structures and human resources in place, leading to all its academic programmes being accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the various relevant professional bodies. The University was recently granted the status of Examination Centre for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) as well as host to the Ota Branch of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).


The University has a Central University Research and Teaching Laboratory, which has been carrying out various scientific studies and laboratory tests and analyses for interested companies and industrial establishments over time. BellsTech intends to expand these services so as to serve more segments of the society and economy. The University has also established a Skills Development and Resource Centre, in collaboration with some private sector establishments and professionals, with the aim of providing training targeted at addressing identified skills gaps in the different sectors of the Nigerian economy.


After a commendable fruitful period of running undergraduate degree programmes, BellsTech's Postgraduate Programmes took off in 2014 and the first set of postgraduate degree holders graduated during the 7th Convocation ceremony in November 2015. Efforts are currently on to strengthen the Postgraduate School, as well as mount new undergraduate programmes across our various Colleges.


The University has had, among its staff, notable scholars who have become Vice-Chancellors of other universities. We do not compromise on excellence in teaching and in developing positive character traits and professionalism in our students. BellsTech students have also performed creditably at various national and international competitions, notably in the fields of Computer Software Development and Robotics. Our students have also participated actively and won laurels at inter-university debates and in the private universities sports competitions. We aim at developing a well-rounded man. Presently, the University has a student population of 2,300, including 98 postgraduate students. There are 196 academic and 451 non-teaching staff. All students of the University are fully accommodated on campus as a matter of policy.


BellsTech is at the advanced stage of putting in place its 10-year Strategic Plan (2015-2025) to serve as a veritable guide for its academic and physical development in the second decade of its existence. Added to this is the planned establishment of an Advancement Centre aimed at reaching out to its growing alumni and other stakeholders for support.


BellsTech is fast carving a niche for itself in partnership arrangements and linkages with notable organizations, especially in engineering and technology, which we expect the next administration to sustain and take to a higher level.


The Candidate

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer and Academic Head of the University,the Chairman of the University Senate and a Member of the Council. He/She shall be the chief exponent of the educational mission of the University and his/her office shall serve as the nerve centre of activities in areas of protocol, external relations and coordination of various internal organs. The Vice-Chancellor sees to the day-to-day administration of the University and ensures that the goals of the University are met. He/She is responsible to the Governing Council for the management of the human, monetary and material resources of the University.


The Vice-Chancellor shall exercise general superintendence over the University and be responsible to Council for maintaining and promoting the efficiency and good order of the University. It is the duty of the Vice-Chancellor to see that the provisions of the law, the Statutes, the Ordinances and the Regulations of the University are observed and adhered to, and he/she shall exercise such powers as may be necessary or expedient for that purpose. The Vice-Chancellor must therefore be competent at all times to advise Council on all matters pertaining to the policies, finances and administration of the University.


The success on this job will depend on the candidate's ability to lead, motivate and inspire administrative associates, academic and non-academic staff as well as students and all other stakeholders to work toward the central purpose of the University to advance learning, enhance talent and build community


Conditions of Service Applicable to the Post:

The Vice-Chancellor shall hold the office for a term of five (5) years in the first instance; renewable, based on performance assessment, for a final term of five years and not more, on such terms and conditions as may be specified in the letter of appointment. The remuneration and other conditions of service are as applicable to the post of a Vice-chancellor in BellsTech and as may be determined by the Board of Trustees/Governing Council of the University,taking due cognisance of the situation in the Nigerian university system.


Qualification and Experience

The candidate for the post of Vice-Chancellor is required to possess a good university education and should be a proven successful manager of human and material resources. Specifically, the candidate must:


1. Be a distinguished and acclaimed scholar of the rank of a Professor of very high repute with academic qualifications, including possession of a Ph.D. and publications that are of both national and international standard;


2. Be a Professor within a field of specialization relevant to the academic programmes under the mandate of Bells University of Technology, Ota and must have a minimum of twenty (20) years of academic or cognate experience, at least ten (10) of which must be as a Professor;


3. Be not more than sixty(60) years of age on 1st August, 2016 when the position is scheduled to be assumed;


4. Possess the ability to provide cutting edge and dynamic academic and administrative leadership for the University and through his/her track record, command the respect of both the national and international academic communities;


5. Have a good grasp of information and communication technology skills and appreciate their significance in the contemporary knowledge economy;


6. Have a clear vision and a feasible plan for the development of the University in line with the set mission and vision statements of the University;


7. Possess the entrepreneurial drive and ability to attract research funds, gifts and endowments to the University and strengthen linkages with other national and international universities, research institutions and relevant segments of the private sector;


8. Have the wherewithal to ensure harmonious and peaceful co-existence among the various segments of the University Community;and create the much needed harmony between staff and students on one hand and between the University and the host communities (town-gown relations) on the other;


9. Be of such stature as to command respect of the University Community and provide academic and administrative leadership in the University;


10. Be a person of probity, integrity and courage, able to defend and uphold the academic independence of the University, sustain its pedigree;and be competent at all times to advise the University Council on matters affecting the academic programmes, projects, finances and administration of the University.


11. Enjoy excellent physical and mental health.


Method of Application

i. Each application and supporting documents should be made in thirty (30) copies and be accompanied with thirty (30) copies of the candidate's curriculum vitae, duly signed and dated.


ii. The candidate's curriculum vitae must include the candidate's full name, date of birth, marital status, nationality, names of spouse and children, educational institutions attended, educational and professional qualifications, with dates, membership of learned societies, registration with professional bodies, academic and professional achievements, research interests, publications, portfolios, patents, work experience, administrative experience, attendance at conferences and other international exposure, national and community service, among other things;


iii. Each application should include the full names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of three (3) referees. Each Referee must be contacted by the applicant to forward, direct to the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, a confidential report on the candidate's character, academic and administrative or managerial competences in a properly sealed envelope marked Post of Vice-Chancellor: Referee's Report at the top left hand corner.


iv. Each application must be accompanied by thirty (30) copies of the statement of the candidate's vision for Bells University of Technology in the 21st Century.


v. In the case of candidates identified by the Search Committee, the application shall conform to the requirements (i) - (iv) above, and in addition, the candidate shall present a letter of consent, duly signed by him/her along with the application.


vi. All applications shall be submitted under confidential cover and addressed to:


The Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council
Bells University of Technology
Km 8, Idiroko Expressway
P.M.B. 1015
Ogun State, Nigeria.


(vii) Sealed envelope(s) containing the applications or nominations should be marked "POST OF VICE-CHANCELLOR" and must be forwarded to reach the above address not later than four weeks from the date of this publication.


Electronic Submission

(i) The submission of the hard copy must be accompanied by full electronic version of the application and accompanying materials to be mailed as attachment in PDF format to :


(ii) The subject line should read, "Application for the Post of Vice-Chancellor".


(iii) Referees should be similarly encouraged to submit signed electronic copies of their references in PDF format to the same address.


Oluwayemisi O. Gbadebo (Mrs.)
Registrar and Secretary to Council and Board of Trustees